First of all, thank you for digging a bit deeper – it’s the first step towards making a difference to children like Jess. We hope these films will inspire others to take similar steps. That is why we are encouraging everyone to share these films with everyone they know.

The best way to help disadvantaged children find the future they deserve is through one of Australia’s most respected charities – The Smith Family. They have a range of ways you can make a difference from volunteering, to fundraising, to sponsorship and donations.

Donate directly to them HERE

The Smith Family is a national children’s charity that helps disadvantaged young Australians to succeed at school, so they can create better futures for themselves. The Smith Family believes every child deserves a chance and that circumstances should never limit potential. With research showing education can transform lives, the charity provides disadvantaged Australian children with tools and support to thrive at school. This help extends to the child’s family and community with wrap-around support essential to breaking the cycle. Helping a child to do well in their journey through school brings a lifetime reward, for them and their family.

Over the last year, thanks to the support of thousands of generous people and the dedication of their staff and volunteers, they provided education-oriented learning and support programs to more than 134,265  disadvantaged Australian children and their families. Investing in a child’s education today will have a long-term impact that empowers them into their working life.

You can find out more about them here but if you just want to sponsor a child now click on this link.